April 28, 2023

Are flushable wipes bad or not?

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A person wearing gloves squats beside a heap of gunk in an outdoor area next to a wall, with some cleaning equipment and hose visible in the foreground, pondering if flushable wipes are bad for the environment.
You flush, we collect

So, are flushable wipes bad?

Everything is flushable right? Yes, in hindsight, whatever fits down the pipe is flushable…Lego, sand, toys, flushable wipes, hair and I could go on and on.  Companies are branding products as ‘flushable’, which is true, however they don’t mention the fact that the products to not break down.  The apparently ‘flushable’ toilet wipes don’t degrade or break down like toilet paper does. Instead, they combine with other substances such as grease, oil and fat to create ‘fatburgs’ or large solid sewer blockages.

Recently, I was at a job where the customer said their sewer was blocked.  As seen above, it sure was, blocked with mountains of ‘flushable’ wipes.  3 garbage bags of wipes were pulled from this drain.  Whilst it is keeping me in business, I do not recommend flushing these so called ‘flushable’ wipes down the toilet. Stick to good old toilet paper!
Whilst they are keeping us plumbers in business, it’s an expensive ‘easy option’ for consumers.  Think twice when flushing!
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