April 28, 2023

ROOOTS…Which tree did they come from? Penetrator Blocked Drain #320

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A large tree with an extensive root system exposed above the ground in a forest, resembling a natural sculpture akin to a blocked drain, with green leaves and sunlight filtering through the branches.
Tree roots are damaging to your drains

Beautiful trees – terrible roots

Plant Carefully! Save Money Before Spending Money – Blocked Drain Awareness

Us Aussies love the outdoors! The weather in Queensland is exceptional most of the year round and the landscapes we have are second to none – beautiful beaches, luscious rainforests, breath taking views from mountain hikes, fresh streams – there are hidden gems everywhere! Even if we aren’t out embarking on adventures, we love outdoor living and entertaining. This is why we try so hard to create an atmosphere in our own places that are an oasis for us, our family and friends. The problem that arises though, is that not all of our so called oasis’ are suitable for our home environments…Cue the blocked drain!

Making smart, educated decisions as to which plants to include in your garden needs to extend further than shade, drought hardiness and how many leaves they will or won’t drop in the pool. Thinking about the full life of the plant before you start digging could save on potential costs from blocked drains, damaged sewer pipes, pulling up driveways and paths in the long term.

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Some trees are on the definitely DO NOT plant list, these include:
  • Camphor Laurel -environmental weed in South East Qld
  • Fig trees – Hills weeping fig, Moreton Bay fig, Port Jackson fig
  • Rubber plants – Indian Rubber Tree – Weed
  • Poplars
  • Willows – Weed in South East Qld
The following trees can be very invasive

Please note – This list is not comprehensive, consult your local garden centre for advice on which plants are ideal for your garden planting.

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