April 28, 2023

Tree roots are a real pain – blocked drain for sure

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A man in a black shirt and shorts holds a large, muddy tree root in one hand and gives a thumbs up with the other hand, standing in a driveway next to a silver car and a canopy.

Tree roots are a real pain

Having lots of trees and lush foliage can look great, create a great atmosphere…but have you thought about the underground damage? Tree roots are a real pain

Tree roots are one of the major contributors to blocked drains.  Roots will seek water and get to it anyway possible – even through the smallest crack or join in your underground pipes. Sometimes these roots may even come from trees nowhere near the pipes.  It is an unavoidable problem – plants like water…they will find a way!

Penetrator Blocked Drains - Doran Plumbing and Drainage
The blocked drain specialist – servicing Brisbane

Penetrator (aka Gavin) has been plumbing for over 20 years.  He has worked alongside other plumbers and in both commercial and residential plumbing.  His passion within plumbing has always been the challenge of a blocked drain…He thrives on defeating the blockages and will continue until he is satisfied he has 110% done the best he can.  His work ethic is unsurpassable and his workmanship is second to none. If there’s a blocked drain – Penetrator is your man!

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