April 28, 2023

Cracked pipe in my plumbing – what now?

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A man repairs a wall with cracked pipes, utilizing various tools from a black tool bag placed on the wooden floor beside him.

What to do if you have a cracked pipe?

Services: Pipe Relining

Have you got a broken pipe? Or perhaps a blocked drain that needs clearing and permanently fixing?

The first thing that comes to mind in such a situation is having to dig up the old pipes. Well there may be an alternative solution – pipe relining.

What is pipe relining?

Pipe relining is the latest technological solution to rehabilitating damaged drain and sewer lines underground – without the need for costly and damaging digging and excavation.

We call it the “No Digging” method of pipe repair.

When an existing pipe or drain develops a leak or cracks – you can use the pipe relining method to fix and repair the pipe.

Cracks and leaks in your pipes are commonly caused by tree roots making their way into the pipe and growing. This will also cause repeated occurrences of your drain blocking.

Normally when you have a blocked drain – the plumber will remove the obstruction and allow your pipes to flow freely. However the issue is that the tree roots can grow back and cause another blockage in the near future.

If your pipes are blocked or cracked, to repair them may require digging up your lawn. Sometimes the pipes may be in a difficult spot – such as under your driveway or patio. This can lead to all sorts of headaches! The pipe relining process gets around these issues by repairing the pipes without the need to dig or excavate.

This pipe relining method can save you time and money – not mention the fact of not having to tear up your lawn or driveway.

Penetrator Blocked Drains - Doran Plumbing and Drainage
The blocked drain specialist – servicing Brisbane

When previous contractors ruin the pipework (cracked pipe)

It’s time to call Doran Plumbing and Drainage!

Penetrator (aka Gavin) has been plumbing for over 20 years.  He has worked alongside other plumbers and in both commercial and residential plumbing.  His passion within plumbing has always been the challenge of a blocked drain…He thrives on defeating the blockages and will continue until he is satisfied he has 110% done the best he can.  His work ethic is unsurpassable and his workmanship is second to none. If there’s a blocked drain – Penetrator is your man!

Take a look at how the blocked drain was cleared.

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