April 28, 2023

Got to the root of the problem – Blocked Drain 52

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A thick tree root blocking a toilet pipe; a cleaning product is visible nearby on the ground. Subtitles read, "this is what's causing the blocked drain.

Got to the root of the problem

Join me on a day out where I find the root of the problem!

Blocked sewers can be your worst nightmare.  Luckily though I have the specialised equipment to clear drains! I use CCTV to locate the issues and high powered hydrojetting equipment to clear them out.

If you’re an addict to blocked drains, clearing chokes, tree roots, high pressure water jetting, cctv and watching an Aussie Bloke do his thing you will enjoy this channel.

Here’s the link to my YouTube Channel so that you can see the process from beginning to end.  Please note that this is part 2.

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