Woman with glasses wearing a floral top and a necklace, smiling at the camera.

Teilia Cornwall

Administrative Officer

Behind every successful plumbing operation is a dedicated administrative officer, and that’s Teilia for us. 

As our administrative maestro, keeps our business running seamlessly. From scheduling appointments to managing paperwork and ensuring efficient communication with our valued clients, she’s the organizational backbone of our team. Her friendly demeanor and attention to detail create a welcoming and stress-free experience for our customers. 

Teilia’s ability to coordinate and streamline our operations allows Gavin to focus on what he does best: delivering top-notch plumbing services. With her on board, you can trust that your inquiries will be handled promptly, appointments scheduled smoothly, and your overall experience with us will be exceptional.

Teilia also plays a pivotal role in the content creation process for Doran Plumbing and Drainage’s YouTube channel – AKA Penetrator Blocked Drains. Her support goes beyond administrative tasks and extends to various aspects of content development. She assists in scheduling and organizing video shoots, managing calendars, and coordinating with team members and external collaborators. Additionally, she helps with research and data gathering for video topics, ensuring that content is well-informed and engaging. She assists in transcribing and organizing video scripts, proofreading and editing content for accuracy and clarity, and managing the channel’s social media presence to promote videos. In essence, Teilia provides essential behind-the-scenes support, helping Gavin focus on delivering high-quality content while ensuring that the logistical and organizational aspects run smoothly.