May 21, 2024

Tackling a Blocked Sewer at a Rural Property

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Hi there, Gavin from Turbo Plumbing Solutions here. Today, I’m out at a rural property to help a long-time client, K, with a blocked sewer. I first worked for K way back in 2012, so it’s been a while since I’ve been out here.

When I arrived, I noticed water oozing out from the pipe into the ground, which wasn’t there earlier in the day. K confirmed this, pointing out that the water level in the pipe had dropped, likely because it was escaping outside the pipe and flowing downhill.

We located the sewer line leading to the septic system and found a couple of access points. Popping the lids revealed the culprits – fresh roots growing through the top of the pipe and the joints. The real blockage, however, was further down the line.

I tried reaching in to pull out the roots, but they were just out of arm’s reach. Time to bring in the big guns – our high-pressure water jetter. I started by sending the penetrating nozzle down the line, but I initially went the wrong way. Correcting course, I aimed the jetter at the roots and gave them a blast.

Despite my best efforts, I couldn’t quite reach the stubborn roots with the jetter. I swapped out the nozzle for a root cutter and went back in. This time, I managed to give the roots a good trim, but I still couldn’t pull them out completely.

We tested the flow by flushing the toilet and draining the laundry tub. While the toilet seemed to be flowing better, the laundry tub was still draining slowly, indicating a potential issue further up the line.

In the end, we got the main blockage cleared and the drains flowing again. However, I suspect there might be another root intrusion point under the laundry that could cause problems down the line. If the roots start growing back, a repair may be necessary.

As a side note, we also spotted what looks like an underground water leak on the property. I recommended that K call in a leak detection service to pinpoint the exact location so we can fix that as well.

Another day, another drainage puzzle solved! Until next time, this is Gavin from Turbo Plumbing Solutions wishing you happy flushing!

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