May 21, 2024

Clearing a Blocked Shower Drain: A Plumber’s Tale

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A plumber stands next to a piece of equipment entwined with roots, with the word "EVIDENCE" in large letters and an arrow pointing to the root-clogged device.

Have you ever experienced the frustration of a blocked shower drain? Water pooling at your feet, refusing to go down the drain? That’s exactly the problem one of our clients faced recently. Their shower drain was blocked, causing water to come up through the floor waste. Time for our team to spring into action!

We suspected the culprit was roots infiltrating the drainage system. Our first stop was the gully outside, near the bathroom. As we peered into the drain with our trusty camera, we spotted the problem – a tangle of roots, along with what looked like a piece of plastic or tile.

Armed with our high-pressure water jetter and a plunger, we got to work. The jetter’s spinning, rotating nozzle made short work of the roots, while the plunger helped dislodge any debris. As we blasted away, we couldn’t help but notice the smell of chemicals – a reminder that harsh drain cleaners can sometimes do more harm than good.

With the roots cleared, we took another look with our camera. The drain was looking much better, but we spotted one more potential issue – an offset join that could be a weak point for future problems. For now, though, the water was flowing freely.

The real test came when we went back inside. We turned on the shower and basin, and voila! The water drained perfectly, with no more pooling on the floor. Another satisfied customer!

To prevent future issues, we recommended a drain re-line. This will help prevent roots, moisture, and even termites from causing problems under the slab.

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