May 21, 2024

Clearing a Blocked Sewer at an Investment Property

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A man in a cap holds a burst pipe with water spraying out. Text reads "Explosive Pimple Popping Extravaganza - Not just for blocked sewers!

Gavin here from Turbo Plumbing Solutions, back at an investment property I’ve visited before to tackle a blocked sewer. The tenants are dealing with a backup, and they can’t flush their waste away. Time for us to save the day!

I remember this property well, especially the long 40-meter run to the back and the problematic first section. If my memory serves me right, there’s a dodgy junction in there, laid backwards with a square junction instead of a proper 45-degree one. These can be tricky, often sending our nozzles the wrong way, but I’m prepared for it this time.

As I approached the access point, I couldn’t help but notice that things looked a bit different from my last visit. Looks like they’ve had another plumber out since then. Loyalty can be hard to come by in this business!

Opening up the access point, I was greeted by a geyser of wastewater. Yep, this one’s under some serious pressure. I managed to get the lid off without getting completely drenched, but not without a few battle scars on my boots and arm. Just another day in the life of a plumber!

I started by feeding our trusty jetter down the line, and sure enough, I soon encountered the infamous backward junction. With a bit of finesse, I managed to get the nozzle pointing the right way and continued down the pipe.

As I jetted, I could feel the nozzle catching on something. Pulling it back revealed a nasty bunch of roots that had infiltrated the pipe. I gave them a good blast with the jetter, watching as bits of root floated past in the churning water.

After a thorough jetting, I ran the camera down the line to check our work. I’m happy to report that the pipe is now clear all the way to the back, behind the trees. We gave those roots a proper short back and sides!

With the water flowing freely once again, our job here is done. The tenants can now flush without fear, and the property owner can rest easy knowing their sewer is in good hands.

Until the next plumbing adventure, this is Gavin from Turbo Plumbing Solutions signing off. Happy flushing, everyone!

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